Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pastel 30 - Deep in a Book

Cats fill the air with sleep when they are napping.  And when they are not napping they can be more insistent than many dogs.

So to stay alert and focused solely on the book, she must be deeply engaged.

This piece began the usual way, where I had no idea of it's destination.  It took a long time and more faith that it would emerge, since I only had the smallest glimmer of her face and her back against a dog.  Then the cats started showing up.  Then more.  Then more.  I think there could have been a few more if I had allowed...

Pastel, ball point and Sharpie on 18x24 inch kraft paper.  Click the image for a closer look.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pastel 29 - Wild Ride this Week

It's been a wild ride this week, with a lot going on.  It was good to get some of it expressed on paper.

Pastel, ball point, Sharpie on 18 x 24 inch kraft paper - click image for a closer view.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Auto Drawings - Autumn Melancholy, Spoonbills and Catfish, Elephants

More automatic drawings before bed...  Perfetto pencil in composition book.

Autumn Melancholy

Spoonbills and Catfish


Monday, September 22, 2014

Pastel 28 - Ready for Paint?

I apologize for not showing the process on these any more, as I did for the first ones in the series.  I find I'm too engrossed to stop between ball point and pastels.  They are still happening the same way, though.

Today was a fractured day, with opposites and good and bad news alternating throughout the day.  I gave as good as I got, but it's the kind of day that couldn't make up its mind how it wanted to be remembered.

Part of me is disappointed when one of these doesn't resolve into something recognizable, something with some story.  But I recognize that these last few abstract pieces are the strongest pages in the series.  They just don't feel as playful, and that's more important to me right now.

Pastel, ball point and Sharpie on 18 x 24 inch kraft paper.

I could keep "working" on this one - I see things to change...  but I have deliberately set boundaries to keep it fast and not get stuck.  To keep it play.

I sense that I am ready to shift to painting - or even a combination of paint and pastel (not sure if that would work) - I need to prevent control from reasserting itself too soon.  And I would like these to be less fragile, less of a mess afterward, and more OK to give away when I want.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pastel 27 - In Motion - Fatter Sharpies

I think I'm assimilating the new pastel colors, a few at a time.  At first they were jarringly different from the set I've been using.

Nothing recognizable emerged from this drawing, so I went with what was there.  Some fatter Sharpie's in the mix this morning, providing some stronger black lines.  This feels more controlled; I'm not ready for that to happen, so I think I will get out the big fat brushes and bottles of acrylic I bought at Jerry's Thursday, and see what happens with the next ones.  Certainly would dry in a less fragile form than the pastel powder, if the paper can handle paint...

Pastel 27 - Pastel, ball point and Sharpie on 18 x 24 inch kraft paper - click image for a closer look.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Elsewhere on S Elm, Greensboro, NC

We spent most of the day in Greensboro, NC today - a hike and picnic (Lake Brandt), two bookstores, and dinner at Elizabeth's.  The surprise was Elsewhere on S. Elm.  It's part museum, part vintage remnant collection, part interactive artwork, part art studio.

Artists are allowed to apply to come produce a work within the space.  Nothing ever leaves, and nothing new can be brought in.  Artists propose a work produced from what's already on site.


Art on the ceiling 

The "Confessatorium" and bird cameos

Pastel 26 - Don't Get in Their Way

Pastel 26 - done late last night.  Don't get in her (their) way.

I feel more and more directions this can all expand.

Pastel, ball point and Sharpie on 18 x 24 inch kraft paper.